a showcase of shots filmed from previous projects
storytelling is something i've always had a passion for. whether it's through narrative or commercials, i strongly believe the importance of storytelling and the influence it has on others. filmmaking is an outlet to express feelings, experiences, memories, and much more than what we see on the screen. overall, film gives us a chance to live in another world which we can share these experiences together as one, and that is what i do. 
cinematic screen grabs from various pieces of work
"Inhumane" Dir. Bobby Mendoza, DP. Peter Sauer
"Apartment 17" Dir. Weldon Hovey, DP. Bobby Mendoza
"Garvey's Ghost" DP. Emily Zhang, Swing. Bobby Mendoza
"A Moment After Dusk" a Short by Bobby Mendoza
"Riding Over It: Mini Doc" a Short by Bobby Mendoza
"Candle" Dir. Adrian Tadeo, DP. Bobby Mendoza
"Running Towards a Dream" Dir. Rafat Alsayyed, DP. Bobby Mendoza
"What Moves Us" Dir. Kaitlin Manalili, DP. Bobby Mendoza
"Carry Me On Your Shoulders" Dir. Fenghao Bi, DP. Bobby Mendoza
"APOCALYPSE" a Short By Bobby Mendoza and Weldon Hovey
"Return To Country" Dir. Eric Cervania, DP. Emily Zhang, AC/Gaffer. Bobby Mendoza
"Makeup The Musical" Dir. Ipek Ertan, DP. Emily Zhang, AC/Gaffer. Bobby Mendoza
"Livin' Green" Dir. Liya Teymouri, DP. Emily Zhang, Gaffer. Bobby Mendoza
"Getting Ready" a Short by Bobby Mendoza
Bachelor of Film and Television, Sheridan College (Expected 2024)
ARRI Alexa 35 Workshop (2022)